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Qasir M. Chaudhry is an experienced article marketer, blogger, copywriter, poet and journalist who effectively applies SEO techniques writing SEO friendly articles, which consistently reach top positions on the search engines. His diversified educational background includes an associate engineering diploma, graduation with Economics and Journalism and a post-graduate certificate in Accountancy and Management. He specializes in Organic SEO, SEM, Copywriting and Article Marketing and can boost your website traffic with his SEO oriented high quality content.

As a gifted writer, Mr. Chaudhry understands the value and subconscious effects of slightly different wording on readers' minds. He has a proven record of writing high quality original content in different mediums. His essay writing won him first position in a prestigious competition at national level in Pakistan, and his columns have been published in national newspapers. He is familiar with 6 indo-european languages, which include 3 major European languages:- English, French and Spanish. He is widely-read, with multi-dimensional interests, and his familiarity with literature, poetry, management, marketing, computer sciences and major global languages translates into innovative and SEO-friendly articles.

Search Engine Optimization is the cheapest and most effective marketing tool to achieve higher ranking on the top search engines today. Contrary to paid advertisement on the internet, SEO-friendly articles advertise your business for a longer period of time and draw continuous traffic to your site for an unlimited time. In addition, published articles at high ranking sources also provide one-way links to your website which optimizes ranking of your own website. People makes millions of searches on major search engines every day and those websites which appear high on search results not only get an absolutely free advertisement, but also attract potential customers. This is where Mr. Chaudhry can be of great help and make sure that your website is not buried under thousands of websites.

As an SEO specialist, or Search Engine Optimization specialist, Mr. Chaudhry understands very well how major search engines, specially Google, rank different WebPages and what can bring the site in top positions for targeted keywords. He artistically applies latest SEO techniques and innovative combinations of keywords to ensure cost effective, pure organic services to his clients, at very competitive prices.

Qasir M. Chaudhry writes in English, French and Urdu, and his team includes native speakers of these languages, to ensure high quality content. You are welcome to contact him to discuss the undertaking of the following assignments:-

  • Website Content Writing
  • SEO Article Writing and Submission
  • Ezine Articles
  • Press Release Writing
  • Ad Copywriting
  • Blog Writing  
  • E-Newsletter Content
  • Feature Article Writing
  • Promotional Reviews
  • Column Syndication